Welcome to Our Room Request Center

We have put our room reservation calendar online. Now all organizations and parishioners can see who and when an organization is in a particular room. Changing to this method will provide instant access to everyone when a change is made to a reservation or when a room is reserved.
Before you begin we would like to point out a few things:

Please refresh your browser to see the most up to date calendar.
If you are currently logged into Google / Gmail, please log out. Testing has indicated problems if you are logged into your account before accessing the calendar.

Room Designations on the calendar are:
HH - Huels Hall is set up for 48 people. It can accomodate 200 people if you set up extra tables and chairs from the chair/table room.
FH rm - Fr. Huels Room in the rectory is set up for 32 people.
FO rm - Fr. Ottoline Room in the rectory is set up for 24 people.
BR - Bonus Room in the school is set up for 16 people.
LIB - Library in the school is set up for 30 people.
REC - in the rectory, room unknown
CH - church

Clicking on an event will give you details about that particular event. If the start and end times are the same, that means the room is reserved for the evening.

If you wish to reserve a room, you have two options. You can use the link below to send an email provided that you have an email account set up on your computer, tablet or smart phone, or stop by the rectory during normal business hours. Room requests will be entered as soon as possible on the next business day after an email request is recieved.

Click here to see the calendar

Click here to email a reservation request